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Ketley Brick Site Map

Product Range
Staffordshire blue bricks
Staffordshire brown brindle bricks
Staffordshire red bricks
New Vision bricks
Special shaped bricks
Bonding bricks
Copings and cappings
Bullnose bricks part 1
Bullnose bricks part 2
Angle and cant bricks part 1
Angle and cant bricks part 2
Plinth bricks
Arch bricks
Radial bricks
Cuboid bricks
Soldier bricks
Technical specifications
New products for urban gardens
New Tenger pavers
Staffordshire Classic clay pavers
Staffordshire red
Patterned pavers
Paver fittings
Tactile paver units
Starter units
Kerb units
Drainage units
Transition units
Step paver units
Deterrent pavers
Quarry tile fittings
Quarry Tiles
Staffordshire blue
Brown brindle
Dark multi
Light multi
Staffordshire red
Quarry tile blends
Quarry tile fittings
Brick Slips
Staffordshire blue slips
Brown brindle slips
Dark multi slips
Light multi slips
Red blue slips
Staffordshire red slips
Ketley Creasing Tiles
Technical information
Specification sheets
Durability class A
Ketley declaration of performance
Material safety data sheet
NBS specification clauses
Application Guides
Recomendation for severely exposed brickwork
Importance of mixing
Brick bonds
Paver laying
Paver cleaning
Quarry Tile laying & cleaning
Find out more
Press library
Ketley brochure downloads
Terms & conditions of sale
Case Studies
Product type
Mayfield Park
Wednesbury Market Place
British library
Olympic Way
Manchester jewish museum
Restoration with bespoke patterned pavers
Maggie Centre Manchester
Red House
Tonbridge Town Centre
Redhill Town Centre
British Waterways
Shelly's Hotel
Brindley Place Birmingham
Lowry Centre Manchester
Paving in Napier New Zealand
Camden Lock
Langtons Gardens, Hornchurch
Quarry tiles
Rugby Experience
Taco! gallery
Eton College Aquatic Centre
The Mercian
Contemporary brick detail
Homerton College Cambridge
Mustard Wharf Leeds
Listed 18th century threshing barn
A Modern house
1950s throwback to the future
A new garden room
Ducie Street Warehouse
Maggie Centre Manchester
Jesus College Cambridge
Arabica Restaurant in Kingscross
Oak frame extension
Contemporary kitchen extension
Blending indoor & outdoor spaces
West Norwood Library & Picturehouse
Horseshoe Pub in Hampstead
Temper Rest
Passivhaus in Hampshire
The Draft House
Imperial Pub Chelsea
Cabinet Gallery S London
West London Novotel
North London Garden
Van Gogh House
Sudbury Courtyard
The Landing Hotel Biggin Hill