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Special shaped bricks

Using special shaped bricks or brick specials adds a high quality finish to brickwork ensuring extra durability and protection to vulnerable areas. There are also advantages to using brick specials on-site, as they reduce the time spent hand cutting bricks.

Because Special Shaped bricks are generally used in situations of severe exposure such as copings and cills, powerful resistance to water penetration and high durability has always been essential. Ketley Bricks are generally solid and have stood the ultimate test, the test of time.  In the early part of the 20th Century their blue colour was regarded as the stamp of durability, nowadays their performance under crushing tests, water absorption and abrasion tests is evidence of this.  

 Use the menu below to browse our standard specials online or download our Special Shaped Brick brochure here


The use of Ketley Specials to add a high quality finish to brickwork ensures extra durability and protection to vulnerable areas and will save time on-site by overcoming extensive hand cutting.

View our special shaped bricks gallery special bullnose headers underside of the raised terrace give a soft, impressive edge at Maggies Manchester  Click for Technical Specifications

Ketley Brick manufactures a wide range of special shaped bricks for a multitude of applications, including for urban gardens

Ketley will also manufacture specials from drawings supplied, allowing you to explore imaginative design options and decorative detail, confident that Ketley will be able to acurately match  requirements.  We can also make bespoke items from 3D prints.  We did exactly that to create these special clay "feet" for Foster & Partners at Maggies Manchester.