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The Staffordshire Brick Manufacturer

Uniformly high crushing strength > 125 N/mm2

Very low water absorption  <4.5%

Ketley Staffordshire Engineering Facing bricks and special bricks have a deserved reputation for excellence. They are universally of "Special Quality" for use in particularly exposed conditions. They are blended from marls from our own clay reserves and then dried with very precise humidity control, made possible by the latest automated control equipment. Vitrification takes place in modern gas-fired kilns to temperatures in excess of 1130 degrees C. 

Ketley Bricks are known for their colour consistency, durability and the range of complementary special bricks.

Our plant is designed for production of an unusually high percentage of specials in relation to total output, as Ketley Specials are very popular for contrasting detailing in brickwork and for severe exposure applications.

"It has taken us a while to find a brick that looks good and can deal with exposure on all surfaces. We know of several complex brick facades that had insurance claims and needed major work, as water ingress led to spalling and detachment. Ketley Bricks made a custom extrusion with high crushing strength and very low water absorption for frost resistance. The Engineering Brick range is strong enough to be used as a paver and can be varied in colour."  Friedrich Ludewig director at award winning Acme architects

Caryle Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London

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