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Paver Cleaning

Langtons Gardens

Paved areas should be swept with a stiff brush on a regular basis, to remove dust and detritus that tends to accumulate, especially in sheltered corners, and around drains.

The paving should be inspected on a quarterly basis, looking for loose, damaged or stained paving, and checking that the joints are filled. Vacuum road sweepers should not be used during the early life of the pavement as they will remove the jointing sand. Other causes for loss of jointing sand include, erosion by exceptional surface water flow, the effects of high-powered engines or power-washers, action of ants or insects and loss due to movement of the paving.

In situations where an excessive amount of grime and dirt has built up, occasional steam cleaning should be carried out. Jointing sand levels should be checked after this operation and replaced as required.

Pavements in damp areas such as beneath trees and in permanent shade may develop unwanted weed or moss growth. Regular brushing will disrupt emerging weeds, a proprietary weed killer should be used which will have no detrimental effect on the pavers for more stubborn weeds. It is always wise to test the product to be used in a small area first.

Download our guide to post laying care here Download industry guidance on paver cleaning here