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Staffordshire blue extruded brick slips

Available in a Smooth, Sanded & Textured

Staffs  Blue Smooth

Staffs blue smooth

Staffs  Blue sanded

Staffs blue sanded

Staffs  Blue textured

Staffs blue textured

Our Staffordshire blue extruded brick slips perfectly match our Staffordshire blue solid and perforated bricks as well as our Staffordshire blue brick specials as they are made in the same factory, using the same clay and firing techniques.  This consistency of colour allows architects and designers the flexibility to select a combination of slips, solids, perforated bricks and specials for the most efficient build without making any compromise on the aesthetics  or needing to cut bricks down. 

Ketley slips use only 30% of the embodied carbon of a cut brick and are a higly durable, sustainable and cost effective choice for construction.

Matching pistol slips are also available.

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Case Studies

Ace Hotel Shoreditch

Brick Award Winner 2014 -  Best Refurbishment and Renovation Project 



Projecting blue brickwork with Ketley Blue Facings case studyACE-Hotel-casestudy 1

A combination of Ketley's Staffordshire Blue brick slips, solid bricks and specials helped to complete the transformation of a formerly dreary, blocky, business hotel, into  the uber hip Ace Hotel in trendy Shoreditch.  The designers, Universal Design Studio, have managed to plug this building back into its surroundings and at the same time have created a beacon of urban style. The clunking street façade has been broken up into a series of shopfronts more in scale with the ragged, mostly Victorian fabric of the Shoreditch streetscape, once a warren of cabinetry workshops and small retailers. The ground-floor walls have been clad in Ketley's staffs blue bricks and slips, which have been laid in complex patterns that appear almost to weave the façade back into the city.  For more details >>

Harvey Nichols, Mailbox, Birmingham

Brick Award Winner 2016 -  Best Innovative Use of Brick


HarveyNichols-48 1HarveyNichols-48

A brand new  Harvey Nichols store, at Birminghams's exclusive Mail Box shopping center features Ketley Staffs Blue smooth brick slips and pistols to create an eyecatching backdrop to the luxury brands.  Designers, Virgile and Partners, have created a  bold and dramatic feature wall within the store famously conscious of its style, design and quality.  Vertically coursed standard brick slips and pistol slips have been applied to the wall to create a 3D wave pattern that has an elegance and delicacy which, was considered "striking and attractive" by the judges of the prestigious Brick Awards.  "Bold repetitive forms have been asssembled with neatness and precision and lit with care to achieve the subtle effects generated within the surface".

The 18mm extruded brick slips and pistol slips combine well with other materials to create a three-dimensional sculpture which is both eye-catching and well considered. For a retail interior, this sculpture shows "true innovative spirit" and contributes to the luxury feel of the store.

Towerblocks refurbishment in Birmingham

before refurb wetherby  after refurb wetherby

Staffs blue brick slips were used as part of an external wall insulation system for the refurbishment of 3 towerblocks in Birmingham. 90mm of Wetherby’s EPSITHERM insulation (Enhanced EPS) was installed, then a bedding adhesive with mesh and fixings. The brick slips were then placed on the mesh by buttering the back of them.


Place of Manufacture: Brierley Hill, UK
Environmental Management: 14001     Download Certificate
Quality Management : 9001                     Download Certificate 

Download the Ketley Quality and Environmental Policy

Life Cycle: BRE Global Certification in accordance with  EN 15804:2012  Download Certificate
Energy: Cured in gas fired kilns to 1130C
Raw materials: Etruria Marl Clay from our local quarry in Brierley Hill, sand
Lifespan:  Ketley's bricks are the toughest and most durable bricks you can buy.
Recyclability: Can be crushed and used as aggregate and/or as an inert bulk fill
Packaging: We keep packaging to a minimum using wooden pallets and we do not shrink wrap our brick packs.

Find out more about Ketley's approach to sustainability

Click for the Brick Development Association infographic on Sustainability of Brick 

See below the latest video about Sustainability of Brick from the Brick Development Association

Technical Spec

Ketley Extruded Brick Slips

Standard: BS EN 771-1: 2011

Ketley Brick Slips are manufactured from the same clay, using the same processes as the Ketley Class A Engineering bricks and Dreadnought Roof Tiles to deliver the same technical characteristics of very low water absorption, very high strength and unrivalled frost resistance.

Download Specification Sheet as a pdf

Download Specification clause as a word doc


Extruded Brick Slips


Staffordshire Blue / Staffordshire Brown Brindle / Staffordshire Red / Staffordshire Red Blue / Staffordshire Light Multi / Staffordshire Dark Multi /


Smooth / Sandfaced / Textured / Dragwire




215 x 65mm x 18mm

215 x 65mm x 15mm

Reverse Key

Ribbed key to a depth of < 1mm

or Dovetail (for pre cast concrete applications)   key depth 4.5mm

Weight 18mm:

0.57 kgs per slip     

Weight 15mm:

0.45 kgs per slip    

Water Absorption ≤4.5%
Durability F2 (Frost Resistant)

Dimensional Tolerance Mean


Dimensional Tolerance Range R1
Fire Reaction A1
Soluble Salt                               S2
Net Dry Density                         2200 kg/m3 = (Typically)
No. per m2 (10mm joints): 60


Banded for fork lift off-loading.

Quantity on a pallet 18mm

1890 pieces Weight 1100kg

or 1650 pieces Weight 950kg (for delivery by courier)

Quantity on a pallet 15mm

2170 pieces Weight 1000kg

Special Bricks

A complete range of Special Shapes to BS 4729 2005 is available.  We also undertake the manufacture of 'non-standard' specials to customers' specification as required.


Application Guide

Ketley Brick slips can be mounted in various ways and are suitable for use in external or internal applications.  Slips can be incorporated into backing panels either with or without insulation. They can also be used for pre-fabricated arches, bay windows and chimneys.

Fixing using adhesiveribbed small

Advice should be sought on the adhesive to be used for fixing brick slips from adhesive and backing panel manufacturers.  Sand and cement mortars are not recommended.  Please refer to adhesive manufacturer technical services to determine the correct adhesive for the application.  Support will be required for the brick slips until the adhesive has set.

The thickness of the adhesive will depend on the application and backing substrate, generally the thickness of the adhesive will need to be between 6-12mm.  Some systems will require the adhesive to be buttered on the back of the slips, other systems work with the adhesive applied with a gun.  Specific advice must be sought from the backing panel manufacturer.

Pointing should take place once the adhesive has set.  It is also important that both vertical and horizontal movement joints are considered and compressive joints incorporated into the design.
Download Elastic Slip Adhesive Information
Download Epoxy Slip Adhesive information


Pre-cast Concrete Panelsdove tail small

For pre-cast concrete panels Ketley brick slips are available with a 4.5mm deep dovetail key in the back to provide additional security to the adhesion of the slip to the concrete panel.  The dovetail key will allow the concrete to set within the body of the brick slip providing an additional lock that will bind the slip to the panel.  Contact us for further details.

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