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Exciting new products for gardens 

Ketley bricks and specials are the most durable  bricks you can find, tried and tested over many generations in the most demanding and exposed applications.  They have been favoured by local authorities and landscape architects for many years, and are often specified in public realm and heritage projects where authentic traditional materials are prefered.  

However, at Ketley, we are not just traditional brick and paver manufacturers, we are clay innovators!  Along with our new Vision bricks, we have also been developing exciting new products for the landscape market, that combine both function and aesthetics and will add real value to outdoor spaces and urban gardens.

Wall planters for urban gardens

Ketley planter bricks add greenery to a Staffordshire blue wall at RHS Chelsea 2024

At 215mm wide, these planter bricks fit perfectly on to the tops of walls.  They feature a small weep hole along the bottom edge to allow for drainage and they make an attractive and practical solution to urban gardens.  The returns (end units) are handmade, but the "middle" sections are extruded by machine and therefore an efficient way to add greenery to urban space.

planter image

new brick planters for a garden wall ideal for the urban garden designed by Maria Gasparian StudiosThese gorgeous cheerful Veridis planters have been designed by ceramic designer and architect Maria  Gasparian.  They are handmade and brick sized,  and they coordinate perfectly with  Ketley Brick standard and special bricks.  All Ketley products are made from Etruria Marl clay to class A engineering standards, they really are the toughest bricks on the market. 

The planters have a small drainage hole for water to drain through and they can be glazed or unglazed.

Various designs and sizes in the Veridis planter range can be incorporated into garden walls or be free standing to bring cheer and colour to the outdoor space and are particularly suited to urban gardens.Maria Gasparians new brick planters combine function with aesthetics are ideal for the urban garden

New slim format Tenger Pavers

 Staffordshire clay pavers with a contemporary slim format.  Similar in size to dutch pavers, but these are made in our factory in Brierley Hill in the UK and unlike the dutch pavers which tend to have tumbled edges, Ketley Tenger pavers are sharp edged and extremely hardwearing.  They are made of the same Etruria marl clay as the rest of the Ketley range (which we extract from our local quarry) and have the same characteristics of extremely low water absorption and very high strength.   They are ideal for all domestic and commercial landscaping applications including pathways, driveways, patios  and public realm and  can withstand both heavy footfall and vehicular traffic.  Their dragfaced texture has excellent anti-slip properties.

They are available in the 3 traditional, rich, Staffordshire clay colours which will not fade over time, but will last for future generations.  They can be used alongside our Classic or patterned paver range to delineate areas of outdoor space.

Tenger pavers in Staffordshire blue

Ketley Class A bricks - the perfect bricks for landscaping projects. 

They are the very toughest bricks you can buy, with exceptionally low water absorption and high compressive strength.  Click here to see the Ketley range of Standard British special bricks

A wall at Dreadnought works uses double bullnose specials as a feature

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