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2 Houses in Kingscross

Architect - Emily Greeves Architects

Brick - Ketley brown brindle facing bricks

2 new build houses in Kings Cross London with Brown Brindle facing bricks

This new development of 2 houses in Kingscross was designed by Emily Greeves Architects and uses Ketley Brown Brindle bricks with moulded concrete panels under the windows.  The small, previously industrial site is very close to the big redevelopment site at Kingscross and the architects wanted to give this project stature by using a tough industrial brick.  They liked the range of colours in the Ketley Brown Brindle Class A which has shades of browns and purples and can look almost metallic in some lights and the new building commands its own authority despite having been restricted heightwise by planners.  Thank you to the photographer Emanuelis Stasiatis.


A newbuild house in Kingscross with Brown Brindle bricks2 new build houses in Kingscross London with Brown Brindle facing bricks