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Jesus College Cambridge

RIBA National award winner 2018

RIBA East Project Architect of the Year award 2018

Read more about this project and the materials used in Specification Today  June 2018

Red square quarry tiles and light multi rectangular and brick sized quarry tiles 

Architect - Niall Mclaughlin
Architects Niall Mclaughlin are a practice that puts a strong emphasis on the inventive use of building materials, the qualities of light and the relationship between the building and its surroundings.  At Jesus College Cambridge, the project was to refurbish and extend a Grade II listed building and  staying within the historic footprint of the building was a key requirement.  Oak, stone, brick and quarry tiles were chosen as a consistent pallette of materials throughout the project, unifying the refurbished elements with the new build and all perfectly suiting the historical context of the site. Tom Mcglyn, the project architect explains  "there were already old terracotta square quarry tiles in use internally in the existing circulation areas and there was considerable brick used within the building.  Internally, we wanted to use a robust material for the floors in the circulation areas, a material that could even be external, and Ketley quarry tiles fitted this brief whilst also paying homage to the existing square quarries and the brick lined walls in the new design".

light multi quarry tiles merge inside and out at the new cafeteria pavilion Jesus College Cambridge

Light multi brick sized Ketley quarry tiles were used in the new cafeteria pavilion where they help to merge the  internal and external spaces.  Their natural clay tones bring a richness of colour to both the inside and outside spaces and compliment the untreated oak frames and columns.

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Ketley red square quarry tiles were used inside the main entrance building and externally brick sized quarry tiles in light multi were used.  They sit perfectly with the existing language of the adjacent listed buildings.Light multi quarry tiles at Jesus College Cambridge