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Tactile paver units

Group PT

Tactile pavers are designed to provide visually handicapped pedestrians with an easily detectable indicator underfoot. Blister pattern pavers conform to the Department of Transport Disability Unit circular, Jan 1991 - The use of dropped kerbs and tactile surfaces at pedestrian crossing points, and are designed PB classification. They have a work size of 200 x 133mm. There are 36 per m2. They are available in Red and Blue.


PT.1.0claypavers pt1

Tactile blister special paver

∆          A          B          C

mm     200       133      65







Tactile platform edge (blister ) special paverclaypavers pt2

∆          A          B          C

mm     200       133      65








Tactile ribbed / corduroy special paversclaypavers pt3

Ribbed or corduroy pavers comply with Building Regulations Approved Document M - Access and facilities for disabled people, and are used to indicate the proximity of a hazard in the footway e.g. steps or an escalator. They are placed at the top of steps and provide a tactile warning.

∆          A          B          C         D

mm     200       100      65        6





Directional paverclaypavers pt4

Directional Pavers are non standard units and are laid "back to back" as shown in the diagram.

∆          A          B          C         D         E         F

mm     200       100      65        6      165     35