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Contemporary brick detail for a Victorian project in Ireland

Ketley Staffordshire Red Quarry Tiles  

Architects - Jack o Kelly  

Photography - Peter Molloy

"`This renovation project in Phibsborough, North Dublin set out to restore and reconfigure, where necessary, a nineteenth-century red brick Victorian terrace house. A small extension was also added at the rear of the house to create a new kitchen", explains architect Jack o Kelly.

contemporary brick detailing for a splashback using Ketley Staffordshire red quarry tiles image by Peter Molloy

"There are many Victorian red brick homes in the area, they lie in a network of small streets which form a close-knit community of buildings. These brick homes are full of character, with subtle brick detailing at the Parapet, door and window openings producing a rich effect that enhances the character and atmosphere of the street."

"Our design introduces this brick detailing into the interior of the project,"explains Jack.  "The initial design investigated how brickwork could connect the different interior spaces. The final design sees Ketley quarry tiles travelling through the interior spaces connecting the new and existing rooms. There is a slight change in the brick bond as the brick pattern moves from room to room."

contemporary brick detailing using Ketley Staffordshire red quarry tiles and bespoke oak units by architect Jack o Kelly image by Peter Molloy      Ketley Quarry tiles connect the new and old rooms at this refurbishment project in Ireland      

"Where the existing Victorian layout was retained the finished material was kept neutral with oak flooring and white lime paint on walls and ceilings. Ketley quarry tiles were used in the areas where the layout was modified from its original use. The quarry tiles were used in the new bathroom in the shower area, walls and floors. It was also used in the hallway and ramp connecting the new kitchen to the original house. In the kitchen it is laid on the floor, kitchen splash back and at the back of a new oak bench. In the new kitchen space, the brick quarry tiles work with the new bespoke oak kitchen units and bench to create a contemporary space that still references the past and character of the Victorian red brick homes of Phibsborough."  Jack o Kelly Architect.  This project is a great example of the versatility of Ketley quarry tiles as a result of their excellent performance characteristics.    Since these tiles are classed as R11 and Catagory C  according to BS EN 14411, they have the highest rating for slip resistance and are considered not to be slippery in wet conditions.  They are therefore a good choice for wetrooms and bathrooms. while in the new kitchen, the rich red tones of the clay are set off by the white lime walls and work beautifully with  the oak furniture both on the walls and on the floor.  The architect has  used  different bond patterns to great effect.  

contemporary brick detailing for a kitchen using Ketley Staffordshire red quarry tiles with bespoke oak units image by Peter Molloy