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Isle of Dogs pumping station

Staffordshire Blue Class A Facing Bricks

iodhypohu    Case study Isle of Dogs Pumping

When John Outram was given the opportunity to design a building to accommodate pumping equipment and computer plant to return surface water to the river Thames he created not a basic industrial fabrication but a truly classical and enduring design subsequently christened the “Temple of Storms”.  Public access is denied, the building has no windows, and is visited only once a week for maintenance Due to the flood protection the building provides to areas of London ,security against vandalism was of vital importance.  Ketley Staffs Blue Class A bricks are used for the transformer building and the lower, most vulnerable part of the main walls of the station.  The perimeter wall is constructed from Ketley Brown Brindle Class A bricks.  This building was listed by Historic England at grade II* in 2017 due to both its architectural and historical interest.

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"It has taken us a while to find a brick that looks good and can deal with exposure on all surfaces," Friedrich Ludewig, director of award winning Acme Architects who used Ketley Staffordshire red bricks for the Victoria Gate Arcade in Leeds.