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Contemporary brick slip residential extension

Staffordshire blue brick slips with matching pistols and bespoke soldier pistol slips

Architects - Designhaus Architecture

Homeowner Kate Bishop, working together with Designhaus Architecture, has created a really stunning contemporary extension to her Edwardian home in Nottinghamshire.  The brief was to create an external deck and canopy to link her existing kitchen and living room and while Kate wanted to make a bold contrast to her original Edwardian façade of red brick, she was also keen for the new façade to complement what was already there.

Staffs blue smooth brick slips with bespoke stretcher pistols on a contemporary residential extension

The result is striking.  Ketley bricks slips in Staffordshire blue have been laid as “soldiers” and a light mortar emphasizes this unusual laying pattern.  Bespoke soldier pistol slips neatly handle the external corners and special sized pistols have been used for the window reveals.  A cedar deck and pagoda ties in well with the red brickwork and contrasts with the dark blue brick. 

Staffs blue smooth brick slips and bespoke pistols on a contemporary residential extension

Ketley's brick slips are extruded at 18mm thick, and they have only 30% of the embodied carbon of a tradtional cut brick slip.  However they are made from the same clay using the same processes as the Ketley Class A engineering brick range and they deliver the same technical characteristics of very low water absorption, very high strength and unrivalled frost resistance.  They are made to last, and were a highly sustainable choice for this lovely residential extension project!

Staffs blue smooth brick slips on a contemporary residential extension