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A community wall 

community wall raises funds for new village hall

A new purpose built village hall, in the heart of the rural Derbyshire village of Marston Montgomery, has put the community at the very centre of it’s recent redevelopment. Originally named Coronation Hall after its opening in 1937, it had been a key focal point in the local community for 84 years but lately had become rundown and unusable. Developers at Radmore Homes redesigned the Village hall as part of their new housing development, where Dreadnought Tiles had been laid on the roofs of the newly built traditional style properties.

Radmore Homes were looking to create a community feature wall of stamped clay bricks that would stand the test of time and become part of the new hall’s history. Each brick within this Community Wall could be sponsored and individually designed by villagers, school children and local businesses through the ‘Sponsor a Brick’ campaign to raise funds that would aid in the purchase of new equipment for the hall. 117 individual designs were submitted to Ketley and each one was carefully hand pressed onto individual bricks by our skilled craftsmen making sure every single composition was perfect. 

The sponsor a brick campaign has allowed every donors contribution to become a part of the fabric of this new community hall which is run by local people for local people.  The new community wall was unveiled at the Grand Opening of the village hall which saw over 100 local attendees.  It is a wonderful project, one that we’ve been proud to be a part of!