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Wednesbury Market Place

Ketley Staffordshire blue diamond chequer paversbrown brindle star patterned pavers, Classic Staffordshire blue square edged pavers and cordoroy ribbed pavers

Client - Sandwell  Council

Contractor - Bridge Construction

star patterned pavers in brown brindle at Wednesbury Market PlaceBackground

Wednesbury is a black country town, within the Borough of Sandwell located north west of West Bromwich.  Wednesbury Town centre is within a conservation area, featuring a range of 18th and 19th century buildings along with a landmark  clock tower.  These features have always given the area a strong historic character, though in the 1970’s and 80’s when industry declined and unemployment grew, the town centre become increasing run down.


blue square edged pavers with brown brindle star pavers and blue diamond chequer pavers were used to regenerate Market Place in Wednesbury

Sandwell Council have been working together with Historic England, to improve the town centre for both local residents and visitors alike and to put new market stalls back into Market Place .  Using Ketley patterned and plain clay pavers to “lift” the space and create a larger multi use event space, they have relocated the open air market to Market Place and created a public event area  for the local community.

Ketley clay pavers have been manufactured to the same  specification for over 100 years.  Their rich distinctive clay colours were widely used in Victorian times in their urban and industrial developments and they suit the character of this conservation area.  The natural clay colour of Ketley pavers will not fade over time but will last and continue to add character and interest for future generations. 

Staffordshire blue square edged pavers were used to define a wider paved area and further interest was added with star patterned pavers in a brown brindle and diamond chequer pavers in Staffordshire blue.

Brown brindle star pavers add detail and create a frame surrounding the tree