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RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2024 

Email Signature ChelseaDid you see us at RHS Chelsea Flower Show this year? We teamed up with the talented sculptor, Tom Hiscocks to create a garden and exhibit our clay landscaping and garden products for the very first time.  It was a collaboration with a number of brilliant parties including Tania Brookes Garden Design and Chris Lawrence Landscapes.



Tom Hisocks Art with Ketley Brick at RHS Chelsea 2024

Below you can see a summary of the clay elements we displayed.  Photo by Elizabeth Vickers Photography

We launched our new Tenger Pavers and displayed them in Staffordshire red, laid in a running bond.  At 200mm x 50mm x 65mm, these pavers are similar in format to dutch pavers but they are made in our factory in the UK using Etruria marl clay from our own local quarry.  They have a lovely natural, contemporary feel about them, and are offered in a range of rich Staffordshire clay colours.  Their face is a rustic dragfaced texture so they won't become slippery in wet conditions.  You can find out more about them and order samples here 

Staffordshire red clay Tenger pavers at RHS Chelsea 2024

We also launched a new ultra slim Linium brick which we displayed in the same Staffordshire red.  These are made using the same Etruria marl clay and have the same characteristics of all the Ketley range, including extremely low water absorption and excellent durability.  At 265mm x 11mm they are the thinnest brick on the market and have become popular to add detail to landscaping projects and are also often used in wall cladding.  At Chelsea they provided decorative detail around the circular plinth of Tom's centre piece Snow Drops sculpture.  Find out more about our Linium bricks, and order samples here

Ketleys new ultra slim Linium bricks add detail to a planted circle bed at RGH Chelsea 2024

The Linium bricks were bordered with a row of contrasting Staffordshire blue paver cobbles (or half pavers).  Photo by Elizabeth Vickers Photography

The shelter on our stand was clad in beautiful handmade ornamental arrowhead clay tiles, made by our sister company Dreadnought Tiles.  The handmade arrowhead tile shape used exclusively like this creates a contemporary geometric pattern of textured hexegons and the mixed blend of Staffordshire clay colours is earthy and rustic.  You can find out more about Dreadnought's ornamental clay tiles and find our how to order samples here

Garden shelter clad in handmade Dreadnought arrowhead tiles provides backdrop for Tom Hiscocks El Toro at Chelsea Flower Show 2024

The garden was bordered on one side by a Staffordshire Blue brick wall, made using Ketley extruded brick slips and corner slips.  These slips are extruded at 18mm thickness, not cut down from full bricks and therefore use only 30% of the embodied carbon of a traditional cut brick making them highly sustainable.  They can be used in pre-fabricated panels as well as other cladding solutions to create authentic brick facades and can also be used as flooring (both inside and out).  Find out more about Ketley slips and order samples here

Ketley Staffordshire blue brick extruded slips create a backdrop for Tom Hiscocks Sculptures at RHS Chelsea 2024

Randomly placed within the wall were some interesting new Vision bricks.   We love breaking new ground at Ketley, and we want to help you create your vision in brick.  Using the latest in mould and die technologies, we can manufacture clay brick units in a huge variety of shapes and textures, to allow you to create really different, eyecatching schemes.   Find out more about our new Vision Bricks here

On top of the wall, were our new planter bricks,  machinemade in our factory, with a small weep hole along the bottom edge for drainage.  These attractive, practical units are ideal for bringing greenery to urban spaces.  Find out more about our new planter bricks here

Ketley planter bricks add greenery to a Staffordshire blue wall at RHS Chelsea 2024