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A garden paving project in Brixton with creasing tile detail

Ketley Staffordshire red creasing tiles

Architects - Ula Maria Studio

Contractors -  Urban Meadows

Ula Maria Garden design project in Brixton using clay Ketley creasing tiles

We love to see designers being creative with our products and Ula Maria Studios have certainly done that here in this elegant, residential garden project in Brixton.   They have used Ketley creasing tiles on edge to provide paving detail and combined them with both reclaimed bricks and reclaimed yorkstone.

Contractors Urban Meadows have been masterful in the execution!  Creasing tiles are 265mmx165mmx11mm, and not an obvious choice for paving.  Each one had to be cut in half to provide 2 on edge tiles and then very carefully mortared in, with great care taken to avoid getting any mortar on the exposed edges.  The Staffordshire red clay colour blends beautifully with the reclaimed London stock bricks and the thin tile format provides a textural richness to the project.   

Garden project in Brixton by Ula Maria Garden design using Ketley creasing tiles on edge