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Arabica Restaurant KX

Designed by Gundry + Ducker

Contractor - Blue Crow Projects

Photographs by Andrew Meredith

Brown Brindle Quarry tiles and Brick Slips

Arabica Restaurant designed by Gundry & Ducker features Brown Brindle quarry tiles

This new restaurant designed by Gundry + Ducker is set in the retail unit of the Aga Khan University in Kings Cross.  It gets its inspiration from a postwar university campus building and the architects selected a simple pallet of materials that they felt fitted with their theme of a university common room.  

Arabica Restaurant 4Arabica Restaurant 3

Ketley brown brindle quarry tiles were used for the floors and their warm tones work well with the iroko furniture and panelling.  Ketley brick slips in the same brown brindle colour add interest to a feature wall.Arabica Restaurant designed by Gundry & Ducker features Ketley Brown Brindle quarry tiles