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The Draft House Milton Keynes

Ketley Staffordshire Red Quarry tiles
Contractor - Box Construction               Designer - Naomi Doran - Relic Interiors

draft house 1     draft house 2Draft house 3

This new Draft House pub in Milton Keynes uses Staffordshire Red brick sized quarry tiles in a herringbone pattern.  Naomi Doran from Relic Interiors London, who designs the Draft Houses explains, "I love these floor tiles as they give the impression that they are integral to the building, that they have always been there and have just been uncovered.  Unlike a lot of other floor tiles that have perfect regular finishes, these tiles are effectively thin bricks.  Their finish has imperfections and irregularities that can transform an interior and give the space a warmth and character from the moment they are laid.  The variety of colours and sizes available in the range  makes them very versatile and I find that I can achieve a very different look by using a different colour or laying pattern."

The Draft House in Milton Keynes with staffs red brick sized quarry tiles