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Camden Canalside and Hawley Wharf

Ketley diamond chequer Staffordshire blue pavers

Ketley 2 panel Staffordshire blue pavers

Staffordshire blue tactile ribbed pavers

Ketley brown brindle  bricks and special bullnose bricks

In 2006, the canalside area at Camden Lock was renovated using Ketley patterned pavers.  Areas of diamond chequer pavers were separated from areas of 2 panel pavers by Ketley tactile ribbed pavers maintaining the traditional appearance of this canalside setting.

Blue diamond chequer pavers and blue 2 panel pavers in Camden

In 2018 Ketley's Brown brindle bricks and Staffordshire blue diamond chequer pavers were specified by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris in a scheme of new builds and refurbishments at Hawley Wharf in the heart of Camden Town.  This project was shortlisted for both Urban Redevelopment and Craftmanship at the 2019 Brick Awards.

Ketley bricks and pavers have been used in canalside settings in both industrial and urban developments since Victorian times and their traditional Staffordshire colours and patterns perfectly suited the context of this heritage site.

Brown brindle facing bricks and bullnose bricks create seating along the wall at Hawley WharfAll Ketley bricks are Class A, providing unrivalled strength and durability.  The bricks  have such low rates of water absorption that they can  be laid on the flat to create seating on the top of this external wall.  The bullnose bricks provides the perfect finish for a smooth edge.Brown brindle bricks and Staffordshire blue diamond chequer pavers at Camdens new Hawley Wharfdiamond chequer pavers at the newly renovated Hawley Wharf in London