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The pendulum test is used to test the slip resistance of floors in both wet and dry conditions.  It is the standard HSE technique in accordance with BS 79762:2002+A1:2013, and the UK Slip Resistance Guidelines (UKSRG).  It uses a rubber slider attached to a weighted shoe which is allowed to swing from a horizontal point of release.  A Slider 96 is used for replicating the slipping motion experienced by pedestrians wearing shoes and a softer, more malleable rubber called “Slider 55” is used to simulate a barefoot slip. 

Ketley quarry tiles have been tested under both Slider 55 and Slider 96 and they have performed exceptionally well in both tests.  The Slider 55 test gives an indication of how the tiles perform in showers, bathrooms, changing rooms and spas.  The Health and Safety Executive (HSE)  state that results with a PTV of 36+ indicates low slip potential and Ketley's Staffordshire Blue Quarry tiles were tested with average values of 96 and 58 in dry and wet conditions respectively.  High slip potential is categorised with values between 0-24.  (Download Slider 55 test report)

Ketley quarry tiles are categorised as R11C which is the highest rating for Slip Resistance.  

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Brick sized quarry tiles laid in a herringbone pattern