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Sudbury Courtyard

Ketley Staffordshire Blue Quarry Tiles, Ketley Brown Brindle Quarry Tiles

Ketley Staffordshire Brown Brindle Square Edged Classic Clay Pavers, Ketley Staffordshire Blue Square Edged Classic Clay Pavers

Client - Sudbury Estate

Sudbury 2Sudbury 1Sudbury 4

Sudbury Courtyard is a recently restored range of historic buildings, previously the Estate maintenance yard, now open as retail shopping outlets and a cafe in the heart of Sudbury village.  Using traditional, authentic materials was very important to the developers in order to retain the atmosphere of this beautiful rural Estate set in the Dove Valley of South Derbyshire.  They used both Staffordshire blue and Staffordshire brown brindle quarry tiles and sealed them which has the effect of darkening the colour.

Sudbury Courtyard pavers 1Sudbury Courtyard pavers

Outside of the retail outlets, the courtyard and cafe area has been paved with Ketley Staffordshire brown Brindle pavers and edged with Staffordshire Blue pavers