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A new garden room

Ketley Staffs Brown Brindle Quarry Tiles  

Architect - Benjamin Machin

Tile contractors - Martin Goodwin and George Wood

Cladding, window and door manufacturer - Gowercroft Joinery

Photography Freddie Marriage

Stableford house outside dining area

Ketley quarry tiles with curved nosings


This renovation project in the Staffordshire countryside set out to rework the house’s relationship to the surrounding gardens and the agricultural landscape beyond.  Architect Benjamin Machin’s new scheme removed old dilapidated elements of the house and set out to establish new ways for the house to interact with the garden.   Ketley quarry tiles, laid both inside and outside  have played a key part in this. 

A new garden room with sliding doors handcrafted by Gowercroft Joinery, open on to a raised plinth outside with a  timber pavilion above creating outdoor dining space.   Inside, tilers Martin Goodwin and George Wood have laid the brown brindle tiles in a basket weave pattern on top of underfloor heating.  The quarry tiles continue in the same pattern on the exterior plinth, extending the space and blurring the lines between inside and outside spaces.  The vertical face of the plinth is clad with the same Ketley quarry tiles and curved nosings have been used on both the steps and the edge of the plinth. Attention to detail by both the tilers and the architect have resulted in a beautiful job! new garden room with Ketley quarry tiles