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Listed 18th century threshing barn

Ketley Staffordshire red quarry tiles 215mm x 102.5mm

Architects - Lynch Architects

Main contractor - JW  Younger Ltd 

Photography by Sue Barr

Jankes Barn restored by Lynch Architects uses Staffs red quarry tiles over underfloor heating

Jankes Barn

Landscape designer Joanne Bernstein engaged Lynch Architects to convert and restore Jankes Barn in Essex, a collection of 3 old farm buildings, a listed late 18th century threshing barn, an early 20th century stable block and  piggery.

The architects have used a very light touch on this wonderful conservation project.  Lynch architects explains, " the aim was to make as few changes to the appearance of the existing structures as possible, both inside and out, retaining the character and atmosphere of the place. Nonetheless, the barn is a comfortable dwelling, with modern facilities and underfloor heating, etc. Three new black structures sit inside the tall threshing barn; a wood burning stove; a kitchen worktop; and a free-standing study platform allowing one to enjoy the grand scale of the space and  the intricacy of the roof structure. Our approach was to promote a limited palette of robust, low-maintenance, cost-effective, sustainable materials that are pleasing to the eye and touch without the need for applied finishes, epitomised in the use of Ketley Staffordshire Red quarry tiles throughout for the flooring."


Ketley staffs red quarry tiles were used by Lynch Architects to restore and convert this listed barn