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Covid 19 - Ketley resumes full production 



At this difficult time our thoughts remain with those affected by the virus and the health and care professionals working hard looking after those in need.  We sincerely hope you and your families are safe and well and that you are getting through this very challenging time.

We have implemented social distancing at our factory and in our office which has allowed us to resume full production of bespoke and non-standard products as well as our main line bricks, slips, pavers and quarry tiles.  

We aim to be able to deliver the normal high level of service expected of us and we have been very encouraged by the level of demand.    As things stand we are ready to receive your enquiries and orders so please call or email your requirements to us and we will endeavour to respond as quickly as we can.  Until such time as social distancing rules are relaxed, visits of our sales personnel to branches and sites are restricted. We operate Microsoft Teams or Zoom video conferencing as an alternative to making visits in person and we hope to be able to interact with you in this way where this is helpful.

Visits to the factory and offices are still  severely restricted to enable the social distancing rules to be observed, please do not visit unannounced as we will not be able to receive you without an appointment and these will only be possible where alternative methods cannot be put in place.  All collections of goods from the yard must be pre-arranged at agreed times, as we will not be able to grant access for vehicles that arrive without an agreed collection slot.

We thank you for your understanding of these new arrangements we have had to adopt, which will be in place until the Government communicates that social distancing rules can be relaxed and we look forward to interacting again with you as we all plot the path back to normality. At this challenging time we are committed to do what we can to continue to support your business and respond to changing needs.