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Creasing tiles on edge create feature in hard landscaping

Landscape Contractor - Avery Landscapes

Landscape architect - Jacquie Gordon Garden Design

creasing tile design laid in a York Stone patio by Avery Landscape

When Jacquie Gordon was tasked with designing a hard landscaping feature for a garden no one had imagined the intricate work of art she came up with!  It involved nearly 2000 Ketley creasing tiles cut in half and laid on edge in varying orientations to form a beautiful geometric pattern within a stepped area of York flagstone edged in characterful reclaimed bricks.  The design centres on a sundial and allows for subtle lighting to illuminate the feature at night.

Jacquie had created hard landscaping features for clients in the past, using up old roof tiles which the clients already had so she knew how effective this kind of design using on edge tiles could be.  Ketley creasing tiles are essentially clay roof tiles without the nibs and camber.  

Contractors Avery Landscapes can be seen here creating the detail



Ketley have developed a new "snap creasing tile" for use in on edge applications.  The tiles have been scored when wet so that they easily 'snap' in half down the short side so that both sides of the creasing tile can be used and 2 pieces at 265 x 82.5mm x 11mm are created from each individual tile.

Ketley creasing tile design laid in a York Stone patio by Avery Landscape