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Starter Units

Group PS

50mm starter units are available to match 50mm pavers.


PS.1.0claypavers ps1

Half Paver

∆           A             B           C

mm       100        100       65








PS.2.0claypavers ps2

Square Block

∆           A             B           C

mm      200        200        65








PS.3.0claypavers ps3

Small Triangle

∆           A             B           C           D

mm      100        138       65         25








PS.4.0claypavers ps4

Bishops Mitre

∆           A             B           C           D

mm       200        280       65        25

Case Studies

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"Ketley Bricks have a natural beauty and surface quality which makes their colour appear to change in different weather conditions," Stefan Mannewitz, Project Architect at Karakusevic Carson Architects