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Ketley Clay Pavers

Ketley pavers are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK and are available in Staffordshire Blue, Staffordshire Red or Brown Brindle colours and in a variety of finishes and patterns.

With most paving projects, over 80% of the expense is in the laying and fitting, so choosing a high quality paver, where the colour does not fade over time, will only marginally affect the initial cost.

Ketley clay pavers have an inherent natural beauty and strength.  Widely used by the Victorians beside their canal and railway systems and in their industrial and urban developments, Ketley Pavers have passed the ultimate test - "the test of time".

The continuing popularity of Ketley Pavers lies in their strength, durability, and lasting colour.

 With a wide range of patterns, designs and natural colour, Ketley Pavers provide solutions that add value and beauty to any built environment. 

Ketley Heavy Duty Pavers are suitable for channelised traffic flow in public pedestrianised areas.

Ketley products have been used as an abrasion resistant material in numerous heavy industrial applications ranging from stables and abattoirs to aircraft aprons and chute linings. 


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