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Redhill Town Centre

Ketley Staffordshire Blue Chamfered Pavers

Redhill-town-centre-case study 3Redhill-town-centre-case study 1

This town centre regeneration with grey granite and Staffordshire Blue pavers created a new focal point within the town of Redhill.  Liz Freemont, the landscape designer, used the contrasting materials to create distinct surfaces of movement and focus within the pedestrian area.  Liz defined a new “Town Square” space by using Ketley Staffordshire Blue Chamfered Pavers laid in a running bond, with a light grey mortar and broke up this large area of blue clay pavers with small strips of granite.   In the roads leading to this new square, she used the materials in reverse and as a result, a previously dull and indistinct space, has become a busy meeting place with proportion and prominence.

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"Ketley Bricks have a natural beauty and surface quality which makes their colour appear to change in different weather conditions," Stefan Mannewitz, Project Architect at Karakusevic Carson Architects