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Class A Bricks

In tests Ketley Bricks performance exceeds Class A for Staffordshire Blue, Brown Brindle and Staffordshire Red 65mm and 73mm bricks. Ketley Staffordshire Blue Perf Brick 001

The performance standards defined in classifying properties of traditional UK Engineering and DPC bricks in relation to EN 771-1 are as follows:

bricks can be classed as CLASS A if 

compressive strength  ≥125N/mm2 and

water absorption          ≤4.5%

and can be classed as CLASS B if

compressive strength ≥75N/mm2 and

water absorption            ≤7.0%

CERAM tests on Ketley bricks have shown the following;

Ketley Staffs Blue, Brown Brindle

and Red 65mm

  water absorption ≤4.5%

compressive strength ≥ 125N/mm2

Click here to see Physical Test Reports on Water Absorption and Compressive Strength

"It has taken us a while to find a brick that looks good and can deal with exposure on all surfaces. We know of several complex brick facades that had insurance claims and needed major work, as water ingress led to spalling and detachment. Ketley Bricks made a custom extrusion with high crushing strength and very low water absorption for frost resistance. The Engineering Brick range is strong enough to be used as a paver and can be varied in colour."  Friedrich Ludewig director of award winning Acme architects who used Ketley Class A reds for the stunning Victoria Gate Arcade in Leeds.  See case study >>

Case Studies

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"Ketley Bricks have a natural beauty and surface quality which makes their colour appear to change in different weather conditions," Stefan Mannewitz, Project Architect at Karakusevic Carson Architects